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Ah Chew Desserts (阿秋甜品) @ Bugis (Singapore)

One of the popular places for dessert and almost always full house every night.

This one of the dessert restaurant which my colleagues / friends will always visit whenever we are nearby Bugis or have craving for dessert in Singapore.

They have those Chinese traditional type of signboard, tables and chairs. Though there are always queues waiting for a seats, the staff over there are quick to find seats for you as they clear all dessert bowls very fast making the table very clean so the people who finished eating inside will leave faster and not just sit for too long. (They did not chase or hurried those who are eating so it is very nice way of doing business)

One thing not as good is that the tables and chairs are too close to each other and it is actually quite noisy if the restaurant is crowded with people as all of them is chatting in the same time.

You will have to order it at the counter and pay first (Cash payment only) before the dessert is being served. (Good thing is that they do not need to worry of people eat and go without paying, bad thing is you have to queue up to order your dessert and pay on the spot)

Since we are quite full from the dinner we had, each of us just have a bowl of dessert each.

Dessert Name: Black and White (Black Sesame Paste with Almond Paste)

This dessert is not in the menu so you have to tell the counter person to order this dessert.

I like this dessert a lot as it is having the Read the rest of this entry »

U-Desserts Restaurant @ Johor Bahru (Malaysia)

This is the second time I went to this restaurant for Dessert as they have good and creative desserts which other places do not really have.

To start of, this place is near one of the shopping mall and within this area, there are a few more restaurants and dessert stall which I will try out and review them if I still have the chance.

When I reached the restaurant, the place is about 3/4 filled with customer eating their desserts and the layout of the places feels comfy and easy to walk around as they are quite spacious between each tables (Good for group gathering and catching up with others)

The service over at this place is also quite good as there is a electronic device with 3 buttons mainly “Bill” (Ask for bill), “Cancel” (Cancel request if I am not wrong) and “Call” (Call for order or request)

You will be shortly being attended to once you have press that button which seems to be a good way of getting attention of waiter / waitress during busy time.


As we are in a big group, we get to order different type of desserts as follows:

Mango, Pomelo and Basil Seed in Sago Sweet SoupDessert 01: Mango, Pomelo and Basil Seed in Sago Sweet Soup

The whole dish is about mango and more mango being sweet and some sour type mixed together with some Pomelo and Basil Seed. Read the rest of this entry »

Matcha Ice-Cream@Legend of Tea Johor Bahru (Malaysia)

A desert that have eaten during my trip to Malaysia.

Went over to Jusco Tebrau City for an afternoon windows shopping and saw a Tea house by the name of Legend of Tea selling Green Tea Ice-cream.

Being a lover for green tea and dessert too, bought one to eat since weather is also quite hot outside.

Dessert: Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream

They should be mixing real matcha aka green tea powder with some milk to make this ice-cream as it have a strong green green and a little bit of milky taste.

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